Almacén del Río, durante la construcción, Insurgentes Norte esq. José Urbano Fonseca, Santa María Ticomán, Lindavista, México, DF 1954 

Arq. Félix Candela

Rio’s Warehouse during construction, Insurgentes Norte, Lindavista, Mexico City 1954

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João Luís Carrilho da Graça

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Church and Community Center “De Ark” (1967) in Schaesberg, the Netherlands, by Peter Sigmond

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Richard Serra - East-West/West-East

"Basically what the piece does is it collects the space, it makes a place within the space, and connects both sides of the peninsula where the water is both on the eastern and western side."

"What I do is use steel in order to collect space in relationship to how people understand their movement through space. So the piece deals with the nature of duration and time in relation to walking and looking, and people went out there and that’s what they did."

Check out other images of this Richard Serra sculpture in Qatar. It’s totally the monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey. 

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Enrique de Teresa & Rafael Moneo. Valladolid Science Museum #4 by Ximo Michavila on Flickr.

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Hawaii State Capitol by Chimay Bleue on Flickr.

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Santiago Calatrava, Garage Doors, Coesfeld-Lette, Germany, c. 1980

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A signed and editioned 24x30 inch print of this image from By The Olive Trees is up for auction to support A Photo A Day. Only one day left, so take a look at it here and the other amazing images being sold to support a great community. 

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